AP United States Government and Politics Practice Test 27

1. Elite class theory differs from pluralism in that groups from the elite believe that

2. Libel and slander most closely come into conflict with the constitutional guarantee of

3. In the Gibbons v Ogden case, the Supreme Court decided for the first time that

4. A constituent approach to representation reflects a

5. What is a major difference between the manner in which both houses of Congress operate?

6. The media play what kind of role related to public policy?

7. What advantage did the line item veto have over a regular veto? The line item veto allowed the president to

8. Which step in the development of public policy occurs first?

9. Which of the following is a consequence of recent Supreme Court decisions regarding campaign finance reform?

10. The aim of the exclusionary rule as defined in the Mapp v Ohio Supreme Court case is to

11. The main criticism levied against the Articles of Confederation was that it

12. As a result of the Motor Voter Law, there was