AP United States Government and Politics Practice Test 3

1. Which of the following accounts for the fact that the power and prestige of the presidency have grown since 1932?

I. America's increased prominence in international affairs

II. continually improved public confidence in the federal government

III. the New Deal and other programs that have expanded federal responsibility

IV. the president's increased visibility, due to the development of mass media

2. Which of the following generally results when the Senate and House of Representatives pass different versions of the same bill?

3. All of the following statements concerning the likelihood that a person will vote are true EXCEPT:

4. A member of which of the following demographic groups is most likely to support a Republican presidential candidate?

5. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed to reinforce the

6. Which of the following best illustrates a use of the elastic clause?

7. According to The Federalist Papers, federalism has which of the following effects on political factions?

8. The Constitution, as originally ratified, addressed all of the following weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation EXCEPT the

9. Congress's power to determine national policy

10. Which of the following statements about cabinet departments is FALSE?

11. Which of the following statements about the electoral college is correct?

12. Which of the following statements is true of congressional incumbents who run for reelection?