AP United States Government and Politics Practice Test 31

1. American civil liberties were granted by the

2. The only president to resign from office was

3. Impeachment cases must be tried in the

I. Senate only

II. House only

III. Senate and House

IV. Senate and House with the Supreme Court presiding

4. An example of a government corporation would be

5. Primary elections are held to

6. The primary purpose of major U.S. political parties is to control government by

7. The independent regulatory commission responsible for the supervision of the nation's banking system and regulation of the money supply is the

8. Senatorial elections

9. The Founding Fathers envisioned a president who would fulfill all of the following roles EXCEPT

10. Before the Supreme Court hears the oral arguments of a case presented for its review, each side must present written documents supporting that side's legal viewpoint. These written documents are known as

11. Which of the following best describes a filibuster?

12. Interest groups are most often associated with