AP United States Government and Politics Practice Test 45

1. How many presidents of the United States have been impeached?

2. Which constitutional amendment provided for the direct election of senators?

3. Which of the following is not considered to be one of the special or legislative courts in the federal court system?

4. What is the minimum age requirement for a member of the United States Senate?

5. The first political parties in America were the Federalist and the Democratic-Republicans. The leaders of these two parties were

6. When appointing justices to the Supreme Court, the president considers all of the following EXCEPT

7. Which of the following is NOT a constitutional power of the president?

8. Which of the following is a specific power of the Senate?

I. tries and convicts in impeachment cases

II. elects the vice president when the electoral college fails

III. approves presidential appointments and treaties

9. Which office of the executive branch is responsible for helping the president prepare the national budget?

10. What type of jurisdiction does the Supreme Court have?

11. Which of the following is the most powerful person in the United States Senate?

12. A major factor influencing whether or not a person approves of a president's job performance is