AP United States Government and Politics Practice Test 46

1. In nearly every congressional election, the candidates talk about overhauling

2. Which of the following is NOT a result of the Electoral College system?

3. Impeachment proceedings were started against both Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. Which statement best compares the two situations?

4. Many people, including a number who have actually served as vice presidents, have observed that the vice president of the United States has little real power. The powers of the vice president include all EXCEPT which of the following?

5. The principle of judicial activism was most ardently practiced by which Supreme Court?

6. The pivotal Supreme Court case that ruled that the wearing of black armbands in school to protest the Vietnam War was symbolic speech and protected by the First Amendment was

7. As a result of the Connecticut Compromise

8. Which of the following is NOT a check that the legislative branch has over the executive branch?

9. Which of the following is NOT a power of state government?

10. A political candidate who states that the government should be actively involved in supporting human rights and individual welfare and who supports change within the system would be termed a

11. During the 1936 presidential election campaign, a poll taken by Literary Digest predicted that Alfred Landon would defeat Franklin Roosevelt. The problem with this poll was

12. The vast majority of cases appealed to the Supreme Court are never actually ruled on by the Court. Which of the following is NOT a reason the Court may decide not to rule on a case?