AP United States Government and Politics Practice Test 49

1. "Iron triangles" are alliances that involve all of the following groups EXCEPT

2. Which department of the executive branch plays the most important role in administering government programs and policies related to Native Americans?

3. The federal courts that are actual trial courts are the

4. An issue that has recently been a "litmus test" for potential Supreme Court justices has been his or her views on

5. Which Supreme Court decision has had the greatest effect on public school education in the United States in the past sixty years?

6. In 1967 Lyndon Johnson appointed the first African American to the Supreme Court. Who was this justice?

7. Recent Supreme Court rulings concerning religion have emphasized which of the following?

8. What pivotal 1966 Supreme Court case held that suspects in police custody must be informed of their rights?

9. What pivotal 1963 Supreme Court case held that the state must provide the defendant with an attorney in state courts if he or she cannot afford one?

10. Which of the following is a reason why some conservatives criticize recent federal legislation to improve student test scores (the No Child Left Behind Act)?

11. Which president did the most to extend the social welfare programs that began in the New Deal era?

12. Criticism of American foreign policy during the presidency of George W. Bush (2001-2008) included all EXCEPT which of the following?