AP United States Government and Politics Practice Test 8

1. A member of the president's cabinet is said to have "gone native" when that cabinet member

2. Congress would be required to use the "elastic clause" of the Constitution to

3. Which of the following is true of the Supreme Court?


Which of the following conclusions is supported by the graph?

5. Which of the following statements best describes the central constitutional issue concerning the death penalty?

6. The Supreme Court has used the Fourteenth Amendment to apply portions of the Bill of Rights to state law by citing the amendment's

7. The Framers of the Constitution sought to insulate the Senate from public opinion by

8. Under the Articles of Confederation, the national government had the power to

9. Congress has attempted to protect independent regulatory agencies from political influence by requiring that each agency

10. Which of the following most accurately states the impact of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on school desegregation in the South?

11. The rules governing the electoral college make it especially important for presidential candidates to

12. The opinions of congressional committees often fail to accurately mirror public opinion because