AP US History Practice Test: Beginnings of Modern American Democracy (1800–1848)

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AP US History Practice Questions: Beginnings of Modern American Democracy (1800–1848)

1. Although the Supreme Court was the weakest of the three branches of government in the early days of the new republic, John Marshall strengthened the Court by

2. The Louisiana Purchase was an important factor in the development of U.S. trade because it

3. As a result of the Hartford Convention following the War of 1812,

4. Andrew Jackson accused Henry Clay of using his influence to broker the "corrupt bargain" of 1824 (which cost Andrew Jackson the election) because Clay

5. The controversy over the tariff during the late 1820s and early 1830s demonstrated that

6. Andrew Jackson's positions on the Second National Bank and the American System typified his

7. The Cherokee of Georgia were forced off their land because

8. Brook Farm in Massachusetts, the Oneida Community in upstate New York, and New Harmony in Indiana were similar in that they