AP US History Practice Test: The Postwar Period and Cold War (1945–1980)

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Questions 1-8 refer to the following information.

AP US History Practice Questions: The Postwar Period and Cold War (1945–1980)

1. All of the following threatened Harry Truman's chances for re-election in 1948 EXCEPT

2. Loyalty oaths, blacklists, and Alger Hiss are all associated with the

3. John Foster Dulles, secretary of state under Eisenhower, intensified Cold War rhetoric with Washington's New Look defense program that emphasized

4. During the 1950s and early 1960s, the Warren Court was often criticized for

5. John F. Kennedy was unable to accomplish much of his stated civil rights agenda during his lifetime primarily because

6. Which of the following does NOT accurately describe the presidential election of 1968?

7. Inflation throughout the 1970s was driven in large part by

8. The incident that began a chain of events that became one of the most infamous presidential scandals in American history and eventually led to the resignation of Richard Nixon was the