AP World History: Modern Multiple-Choice Questions Strategy

AP World History: Modern Multiple-Choice Questions strategy

The multiple-choice section of the Advanced Placement World History: Modern examination consists of 55 multiple-choice questions. You will have 1 hour, 35 minutes (95 minutes) to complete the multiple-choice and short-answer sections; it’s recommended you spend 55 minutes on the multiple-choice questions. Each multiple-choice question has four answer choices.

The multiple-choice questions require you to analyze the material you have covered in the course. Many of the questions require you to compare among societies, events, or processes, or to indicate how they have changed over time. The questions require you to interpret a written passage, photograph, political cartoon, map, chart, or graph.


The following are some frequently asked questions concerning the multiple-choice section:

1. If I don’t know an answer, should I guess or leave the question unanswered? There is no guessing penalty on the multiple-choice section. If you do not know an answer, you should select the answer choice that you think is correct. Don’t leave any multiple-choice questions unanswered; correct guesses are correct answers.

2. What strategy should I use to narrow the possible answer choices? Of the four answer choices found in each question, one is often obviously incorrect. In addition to the correct choice, there is often another answer that is almost correct. Another possibility is that two of the answer choices are correct, but one is a better answer than the other. The best advice is to read the question very carefully to determine exactly what the question is asking, then eliminate the weaker answers until you arrive at the best answer.

3. Will I be required to know a lot of dates and people to answer the multiple-choice questions? Some knowledge of specific dates and people will be necessary to answer the multiple-choice questions. For the most part, however, the multiple-choice questions on the Advanced Placement World History: Modern examination ask you to compare societies, issues, or trends within one or more of the eras covered or to analyze how societies, issues, or trends have changed and remained the same over time.

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