AP World History Question 138: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 138

9. Based on the map and your knowledge of world history, which of the following likely encouraged the development of the city of Batavia?

  • A. The presence of Muslims and Buddhists on the island of Java brought Dutch missionaries to convert them to Calvinism.
  • B. The natural harbor provided ample room for shipyards and docks.
  • C. The Dutch East India Company evaluated the site of the city to be an easily defended outpost in Indonesia.
  • D. The city produced an ample supply of spices.

Correct Answer: C


The map depicts the Dutch East India Company's capital at Batavia. Note that the city is focused on a fort and a garrison barracks along the exterior at prominent positions; this should help you identify (C) as the correct answer. Eliminate (A) because the Dutch did not focus much on converting people. Eliminate (B) because the map's legend does not include shipyards or docks. Eliminate (D) because the legend lacks any mention of spices.