AP World History Question 188: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 188

5. Moreland's description of revenue collection in the Mughal Empire is best seen as evidence for which of the following generalizations?

  • A. Only people of certain religions were required to pay revenue to the empire.
  • B. Geographical differences may have influenced which groups pay taxes.
  • C. Revenue collection was the only source of funds by which the Mughal Empire operated.
  • D. The case of Rajputana was a typical one in the Mughal Empire.

Correct Answer: B


The passage mentions zamindars who lived in areas that the Mughal authorities found "inconvenient" to travel to in order to collect revenue. As the passage notes, these places, such as Raiputana, were anomalous (uncommon), so eliminate (D). The passage does not indicate that tax collection was the only source of revenue, so get rid of (C). Nor is there any mention of whether other religions had to pay taxes or not. Eliminate (A).