AP World History Practice Test 17

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Questions 1-2 refer to the following information.

Dong Qichang, In the Silence, ca. 1602

1. This image is best associated with which religious tradition?

2. As evidenced by the painting, Dong Qichang, along with other artists of the Ming Dynasty, attempted to create art that did which of the following?

Questions 3-6 refer to the following information.

Major Plagues of the Roman and Byzantine Empires

3. Which of the following policies would modern historians most directly blame for the spike in disease outbreak beginning with the Antonine Plague?

4. Which of the following was an important continuity underlying the outbreaks listed in the table?

5. The data in the table best supports which of the following conclusions?

6. The Cyprian Plague differed from the Justinian Plague in which of the following ways?

Questions 7-9 refer to the following information.

James P. Blair/National Geographic Creative

Photograph of the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro, an ancient city

7. Modern historians would argue that Mohenjo-Daro indicates the presence of

8. The raw material to form this city primarily originated around the

9. Based on your knowledge of world history, Mohenjo-Daro had contact with what other ancient civilization?