AP World History Practice Test 24

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Question 9 questions

Time 9 minutes

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Questions 1-3 refer to the following information.

Troop strength of the army of the British East India Company, 1793–1815

1. The information presented in the chart above is best interpreted in light of which of the following contexts?

2. Which of the following most likely motivated the policy whose operation the above chart depicts?

3. The policy depicted in the chart above left British colonial authority particularly vulnerable during which of the following events?

Questions 4-5 refer to the following information.

4. The image above is best understood as an example of which of the following trends?

5. Which of the following can be seen as the most reasonable explanation for the development shown in the image above?

Questions 6-9 refer to the following information.

Leonard Parkinson, Maroon resistance fighter, Jamaica, ca. 1796

Map of major Cossack hosts of the former Russian Empire

6. Taken together, both images are best understood in which of the following contexts?

7. Which historical development contributed most to the formation of the society associated with the first image?

8. Which of the following statements is most solidly supported by the information contained in the map shown in the second image?

9. The ultimate fate of the societies depicted in both images was