AP World History Practice Test 37

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Questions 1-3 refer to the following information.

The chart below provides information regarding the First Fleet, the earliest British colonists in Australia.

1. Based on the information provided, what was one of the primary purposes of the Australian colony?

2. Which entry date provides evidence that the colony was intended to be self-sustaining?

3. What would a historian be most likely to use this information for?

Questions 4-6 refer to the following information.

Classical Era (600 BCE–600 CE)

4. A historian would use the above map to illustrate which of the following?

5. Which religion's spread followed the cultural diffusion pattern shown in the map?

6. How did this religion primarily spread?

Questions 7-9 refer to the following information.

Although in Protestant Europe, [Peter the Great] was surrounded by evidence of the new civil and political rights of individual men embodied in constitutions, bills of rights and parliaments, he did not return to Russia determined to share power with his people. On the contrary, he returned not only determined to change his country but also convinced that if Russia was to be transformed, it was he who must provide both the direction and the motive force. He would try to lead; but where education and persuasion were not enough, he could drive—and if necessary flog—the backward nation forward.

—Robert K. Massie, Peter the Great: His Life and World

7. Based on the above passage, what kinds of reforms did Peter the Great embrace?

8. What term best describes Peter the Great's ruling style as described in the passage?

9. When Peter the Great ruled Russia, he continued the practice of which of the following?