AP World History Practice Test 38

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Questions 1-4 refer to the following information.

The passage below is taken from testimony before Parliament.

Joshua Drake, called in; and Examined.

You say you would prefer moderate labour and lower wages; are you pretty comfortable upon your present wages?

—I have no wages, but two days a week at present; but when I am working at some jobs we can make a little, and at others we do very poorly.

When a child gets 3s. a week, does that go much towards its subsistence?

—No, it will not keep it as it should do.

Why do you allow your children to go to work at those places where they are ill-treated or over-worked?

—Necessity compels a man that has children to let them work.

Then you would not allow your children to go to those factories under the present system, if it was not from necessity?


—Testimony given before the Sadler Committee, 1831–32

1. Which period in history is associated with the conditions described in the passage?

2. According to the passage, why does the witness allow his children to work in a place where they will be ill-treated?

3. Which style of government is most associated with limited regulations on business and working conditions similar to those described in the passage?

4. Which type of organization was partially responsible for improving the hours, wages, and working conditions of workers in this era?

Questions 5-9 refer to the following information.

The image below shows students taking the imperial examination in China c. 960–1279 CE

5. From which social class were the students depicted in the painting most likely to be drawn?

6. What would be the most likely content of these exams?

7. Why were Japan's early attempts at introducing the Chinese-style imperial exam largely unsuccessful?

8. Which social phenomenon within China during the Song and Tang dynasties resulted from the imperial examination system?

9. Which Chinese emperor or ruler would be most likely to disapprove of candidates who were successful on an exam like this?